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When will I receive my next report?

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

When scheduling a report, users can choose when reports should be automatically generated. You can view the report interval of your scheduled reports by taking the following steps:

1. Click on Reports from tool selector.

2. Click on Scheduled Reports in the sub-menu.

3. Choose the tool you want to view your scheduled reports on.

4. Click on the + button in the Edit schedule column next to the specific report.

5. You can now view the report frequency under Report Interval. If your scheduled report is setup to generate a monthly report, you will see when the next report is generated under the Next run column. However, this will not be displayed if your scheduled report is generated after every crawl. Note: Dates are viewed in mm/dd/year.

6. Optional: You can edit the report interval if you wish. Remember to save your schedule for changes to take effect. 

If you have setup your scheduled report based on every crawl made on your website (typically every 5 days), you can view the next scheduled crawl for your website by taking the following steps:

1. Select Quality Assurance from the tool selector.

2. Select Summary in the sub-menu.

3. You will see the History chart near the bottom of the page. Beneath the chart your next scheduled crawl will be displayed. You can expect a report to be generated once the crawl is complete.




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