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Readability: Why are there long words on my page that have been highlighted in the boiler plates?

By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

When Siteimprove identifies content on a page, the content is extracted and the boiler plates (always-existing elements on a page such as menus, banners, headers, footers and columns) are excluded.
However, you may have noticed long words/polysyllabic words highlighted on the page report within areas that would technically be called boilerplate. This article is intended to inform you why this might happen.

If Siteimprove's readability algorithm has identified a long word/polysyllabic word in the content of your page, the page report will highlight all instances found on the page, including sections that are not seen as content. This is done to assist in improving the general readability of your web pages. If you find a word that you are considering changing, it is useful to get a reference to other occurrences of that word on the page.
You can scroll through the number of instances of a word using the arrow keys on the right-hand side of the page report.

You can utilize the Word List within Quality Assurance by searching for the long word that was highlighted in the page report. This will show you on what other pages of your website that particular word was also found. You can also create a specific policy within the Policy service that will match the specific word.

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