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Readability: Why are URLs highlighted as long words/polysyllabic words?

Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir avatar
By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

This article is intended to explain why URLs (or email addresses) are highlighted as long or polysyllabic words in the page report of the Readability feature within Quality Assurance. 

How a URL should look on a page when written in the content:

"Please visit our website for more information".

When a URL is written and presented within content in this way, the Readability algorithm considers this content the same way as written words. A screen reader, for example, will read the content out loud by reading the URL letter for letter in this situation. Having a URL written out in the content will make it difficult to read. Users with reading difficulties, who read letter-for-letter as opposed to word-for-word, would faint in this scenario! 

How a URL hyperlink should look on a page:

"Please visit our website for more information".

Therefore, content editors should present a readable link text to the end user and not the full URL on their web pages.




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