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Why do the number of issues fluctuate within the Accessibility module?

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Your Accessibility issues may fluctuate for a number of reasons. Depending on the complexity of your website, and new releases that improve the accuracy of Siteimprove's accessibility checks, new issues may be flagged even if you have not made recent changes to your website.

Possible reasons for issue fluctuations in the Accessibility module are listed below:

Fluctuations in regards to changes in your website:

  • Newly added technology (add-ons etc.)
  • New pages added
  • Changes to your CMS
  • Changes to your content
  • Changes to templates that affect multiple pages
  • Changes to site-wide settings in your CMS

Fluctuations due to changes in Siteimprove:

  • Updates to Siteimprove's accessibility checks
  • Adding aliases
  • Adding extra index URLs
  • Exclusions from your account


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