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2 policy library templates, bulk actions in users table and PDF export of sitemap - December 2016

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By Kate Sygrove

Welcome to the Siteimprove release notes

This release sees the addition of 2 new Library policies in Policy, bulk actions within the Users table and PDF export of the Sitemap.


Library Policies 

Maximum length of words - Policy library template

This policy allows you to define the maximum length of words on the site(s) and to find all words that are over that length.

As demonstrated within the Readability feature in QA, long words can make your content hard to read.


Find word(s) without specific context - Policy library template

This policy enables you to add words that should always be written in specific context on your website.

For instance; you could specify that all mentions of "Siteimprove" must be followed by "A/S".



SEO / Users table

Bulk Actions

We continue the addition of bulk actions across the services within Siteimprove. With time becoming more and more of a premium, users are looking for a a way to complete their tasks in the most efficient manner possible.

Bulk actions have now been made available throughout SEO and within the Users table within Settings.




PDF/HTML export for sitemap

The sitemap within Inventory can now be exported to PDF or HTML. So you can expand as many levels as you require and take a PDF or HTML export to record what you are seeing within the Siteimprove suite.




Update to Event Tracking

The Events components within Event Tracking has now been updated to include "Visits with events", to reflect how many visits have triggered a given event.

This inclusion allows customers to identify if it is only a few users or many who have engaged with the content.


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