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How do I set up a Response alert for someone that does not have access to Siteimprove?

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

This article will help you set up a Response alert via email or text message to a person that does not have access to Siteimprove's services. Note that only Administrators and Account Owners can set up Response alerts.

  1. Click on Settings next to your username.

  2. Click on Manage users.

    Menu, Settings, Manage Users

  3. Click on the blue Add user button.

    Add user

  4. Enter the alert recipient's name.

  5. Enter the alert recipient's email address.

  6. Click Next to continue the setup

    User details form

  7. Tick off the box next to the new user name

  8. Click Edit role 

    Edit User options

  9. Choose the default role Report recipient, or search for it from the list if you have created many customized roles. This means the person will not have access to Siteimprove.

    Edit Role options

  10. Save your changes

  11. Select the new user from the top of the list of users

  12. Add alert recipient's telephone number. Remember to include the country code.

  13. Select the timezone that is appropriate for the alert recipient.

  14. Select the language in which the alert recipient will receive his alert.

  15. Select week start.

  16. Select the country format for number, date and time.

  17. Click on Save changes to continue the setup.

    Edit localization settings

  18. Click on the see and edit Response access button at the bottom of the page

    See and edit Response access button

  19. Next to each site name, tick the relevant boxes for alerts (email and/or SMS).

  20. Click the green Update button to finish the setup

    Update button
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