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My Sites progress graph, Email all users & new "Approve" & "Can't Fix" status in Accessibility - January 2017

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By Kate Sygrove

Welcome to the Siteimprove release notes

This release sees the addition of a progress graph in Quality Assurance, a new function to email all users from the Users table, new decision statuses in Accessibility, and a number of changes within Policy.

Quality Assurance

My Sites progress graph

My Sites progress graph

A progress graph is now included within the My Sites component, so progress can tracked and reported a lot easier across multiple sites.

A search facility has also been added to the component to make it easier to filter the table & graph to display the sites you are interested in.

A trend indicator is also displayed in the table when there is a difference compared with the previous crawl.

My Sites showing trend indicator



Settings / Users table

Email all users

Email all users

An additional functionality within the Users table, enabling administrators to send emails to users.

Whether it relates to the Siteimprove service, or you just want to reach out to a few, or all your colleagues, you can now use Siteimprove to quickly get a message out.

Select the users that you want to message using the bulk action boxes, and either copy and paste the addresses or open your mail client directly with the addresses already added.

Email address input form



Approved/Can't fix (instead of Ignore)

For issues (on whole website or on a single page) you can now mark them as "Can't fix".

Approved/Can't fix options on page report


For specific items you can now mark them as either "Approved" or "Can't fix".

Approved/Can't fix replaces the "Ignore" function within Accessibility

With the new phrasing and the split into Can't fix and Approved we want to:

  • Make it easy for customers to explain the review work done and the reasoning behind outstanding issues in case of audits, inspections, lawsuits or fines.
  • Make it clear what the decision is for: an instance or an issue, a single page or whole website.
  • Help customers celebrate their progress, so that reviewing becomes a positive task of approving, instead of a neutral/negative task of ignoring.

Showing roles on Issues page

Showing roles on Issues page

We now have a role button for each issue on the Issues page.

Through usability discussions with users of the Accessibility service, we found out that many users didn't know that it was possible to change the responsibility for an issue from the Issues page.

CAPTCHA on Page Report

On the Accessibility Page Report we now have a captcha to confirm that an anonymous (non-logged in user) is human and not a robot.



Showing occurrences of matches per page

We now show how many occurrences we have found of a policy match on a specific page.

This new Policy feature will be introduced after the next crawl after release.

This new feature column will only be visible for some of the Content Policies:

  • Content match
  • HTML match
  • Link text
  • Link URL
  • Image alt text
  • Metatag length
  • Metatag name
  • CSS Selector

This is important information when a user needs to decide which pages to work with first.

Showing occurrences of matches per page 


New rule for finding pdf documents from the title

We have created a new rule within the Document category where you can find pdf documents by searching for the title or part of it.

New rule for finding pdf documents from the title

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