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Behavior map Updates, New triggers for Key Metrics, and Policy Library additions - January 2017

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By Kate Sygrove

Welcome to the Siteimprove release notes

This release sees some exciting Behavior map updates and New triggers for Key Metrics - both within Analytics, and the addition of 2 new Library policies in Policy.


Segmentation Map

The new Segmentation Map helps our Analytics clients understand the on-page behavior of two or more different segments.

Each segment is represented by a colored dot for each click they have made. Up to five segments can be shown at the same time.

You can compare visits from different locations, referrers and visits connected to Key Metrics.

Explore the new Segmentation map Analytics tool under Behavior Maps.


Upgraded Click Map

The Click map has received an upgrade, making it easier to compere the interaction data between up to five different elements.

When you click any interactive element on the Click map, marked by little round indicators, a data line will be shown at the top of the map.

Each line has a color assigned that corresponds to the fill of the selected element.

See the new features in the Click Map in the Analytics tool under Behavior Maps.


New triggers in Key Metrics


Referrers allow customers to set a page referring a visitor as a trigger for a successful Key Metrics completion.

So for example you could set as a reburied referrer for the Key Metric to be triggered. Note that unlike Traffic source this does not have to be the original referrer, but can be any time during as session.


When setting up a key metric, you can now specify which Device type the visitor must be on to trigger the Key Metric.

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop are the available options.


Using the new Visitor trigger, you can define which IP, Organization or Geographical region the visitor must be from to trigger the Key Metric.

You can find all the new triggers when you edit or create a new Key Metrics

new Segmentation map Analytics tool


Library Policies 

Find repeated, short words - Policy library template

Find words of 5 characters or less that are repeated directly after each other.

Many repeated words are likely to be small words that are repeated by mistake, often caused when editing the text.


Find wrong phone number format - Policy library template

Find phone numbers that is in the wrong format.

Mark one of the US phone number standards as your preferred format and this Policy will find pages on your site where phone numbers are presented in an alternative format.

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