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Tags, Sites, 3 new languages & a Library Policy for date format - February 2017

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By Kate Sygrove

Welcome to the Siteimprove release notes

This release sees the addition of Tags, a new Sites table in Settings, 3 new languages in the user interface, a new Policy rule and a new Library Policy for English language sites.



Tags for sites and users

Tags can now be created and applied to sites and users.

On the tables where tags are displayed, a filtering option is also now available to filter by a selected tag.

Tags enable the possibility of identifying sites and/or users that are related in some way.

For example; you may be a customer with many sites located around the globe. Tags would enable you to compare and manage different markets, eg. Asia vs Europe Vs North America.

Tags can be managed within the Tags component in Settings

Site tags are displayed in the My Sites table in QA, Accessibility and Policy.

User tags are displayed in the Users table.



New Sites table in Settings showing a cross product view of all sites on the account.

This gives you one entrance to all your Siteimprove sites.



3 new languages available

The languages available within the Siteimprove interface have now expanded to include Dutch, Finnish and Portuguese (Brazil).



Content rule: Link text length

We have created a new rule within the Content category where you can find link texts with a length longer or shorter that you would like it to be.

Very short link texts, as well as very short link texts can affect the readability of your web page.



Library Policy: Date format for English language sites

It is always good to have a common standard for dates etc. on a website, to avoid confusing the users.

This Policy is only available when a English language site has been selected.

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