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IP Anonymization in Siteimprove Analytics

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By Sean Needham

When a web analytics provider tracks visitor data from your website it collects visitors' IP addresses.

User IP addresses can be considered as personal data. Anonymizing visitors’ IP addresses is a legal requirement in some countries and can be used as one part of protecting personal data under GDPR.

In Siteimprove Analytics, you can configure IP addresses anonymization of visitors to your websites under Visitor Privacy in settings. Read more in the Settings: IP Address Anonymization and Do Not Track article. Also, if you are an administrator, check out this interactive tutorial on how to anonymize IPs for GDPR compliance.

What happens when I anonymize IP addresses?

  • If you decide to anonymize IP addresses Siteimprove will discard the IP addresses and in their place store and present blank data in the form of
  • Once IP anonymization is turned on Siteimprove no longer has access to this data. It is not possible for Siteimprove to recreate these IP addresses. 
  • Siteimprove cannot create a connection between IP addresses and visitor data. You will not be able to filter/segment data based on IP addresses within Siteimprove Analytics. Therefore, it will not be possible to differentiate between external website visitors and visitors from your own organization based on IP addresses.

It will, however, be possible to segment visitor data by organization using filters. Learn more about how to filter data by organizations. 

It is possible to exclude traffic from certain IP addresses before anonymization is enabled. So for example, you can anonymize IP addresses but still exclude internal employee traffic from Analytics, i.e. traffic from internal sources will not be recorded in Analytics.

If this is required, please submit a Support ticket detailing the IP address range you would like to exclude before anonymization in Siteimprove Analytics.

In some cases, you may want to allow visitors to opt-out of being tracked on your website with Siteimprove Analytics, then you can also create an opt-out button on your website. Learn more about how to set up an opt-out button.

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