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Creating Tags to organize content within Siteimprove

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

Tags are useful to group your sites or users into categories, which you can then easily filter on for customized reporting.

Using tags within Siteimprove makes it easier to group sites and users based on region, size, vertical, or in any way you see fit in order to segment and report on your account. There is no limit on how many tags you can create on your account. 

This article is intended to guide you in creating tags for your Siteimprove account. Please note that only Account Owners and Administrators can create, edit, and apply tags, while users will only be able to view tags on their account. 

  1. Click on the Settings icon next to your user name.

  2. Click Sites from the drop-down.

    Menu Settings Sites

  3. Click Tags from the side-bar menu.

    Menu Settings Tags

  4. Click the Create tag button

    Create Tag

  5. Name your tag. The tag name should be a general keyword or term, which when shared throughout the system, will be widely understood in your organization.

  6. Optional: To add multiple keywords in one go, click the Add another button. 

  7. When you have named all your tags, click the green Save button.

    Add Tags

    All created Tags will now be displayed in the Tags list

    Tag list



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