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Generating a report template based on Tags

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

The My Sites function within Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and Policy allows you to view progress data across all sites on your account over the last year. If you have created tags for sites on your account, you can filter by tags to segment and report on your account. This article will help you generate a report template based on tags.

  1. Choose either the QA, Accessibility or Policy and select My Sites from the side-bar menu.

  2. A table will show all of your sites in relation to the feature select.

    In this Quality Assurance example:

    - 9,772 is the total number of pages found on all sites on your account
    - 6,439 is the total number of broken links across all sites
    - 64 misspellings were found across all sites
    - 3,600 potential misspellings were found across all sites

  3. Once you have created tags, you can filter sites by tags. The My Sites data displayed by tag filters will only show data in regards to those sites with the selected tags. Learn more about applying tags to sites and/or users.

  4. To generate a report template for My Sites, click the export button.


  5. Choose whether to add the My Sites component to an existing report template or create a new one. If you want to include specific tags in the report template, please make sure it has been filtered. (Step 3).


  6. Select a report template or give the new report template a name. 
  7. Click the green save button and a confirmation box will be presented.



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