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Managing Users made easy - February 2017

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By Kate Sygrove

Welcome to the Siteimprove release notes

This release sees the continued evolution of managing users within the Siteimprove service. We are on a mission to make the setup and administration of users within Siteimprove a better and clearer experience.



Manage Users

We have made many additions making it a lot easier to manage users directly from the Users table and to have a clear overview of all Siteimprove users in regards to basic information, tags, site access, last login, and date added.

Requests for site and group access on the user's table has been a long time wish from our users.

Even more information and managing options are now provided within the Users table. All options relating to the management of users have been relocated under the new Options column.

new options column

Direct links are available to manage access, user profile and tags for each user, alongside the original options to send welcome email/reset password and delete a user.

An additional Site Access column offers a quick reference to the access rights of each Siteimprove user. Site access and group access is available, with direct links to change access if needed.

Site Access column

The Users table also now includes a reference to the date a user was added on.

Users table



Library policy - Find words in all capital letters

Using all capital letters can make text harder to read, and it can also appear that you are shouting at the reader.

A library policy is now available to find words on your site in all capital letters. The policy matches text that is originally all capitals in the HTML, not after applying CSS, and words separated by <br> are not considered consecutive.

policy to find words in all capital letters

This Policy is available for all languages.

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