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How do I fix a misspelling?

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

The Quality Assurance module shows what misspellings have been found on your website. But how do you actually go and fix them? This article is intended to guide you, in a step-by-step fashion, in fixing misspellings on your website. 

  1. Select Quality Assurance from the main menu

  2. Click on Spelling from the side-bar menu

  3. From the sub-menu, click on Misspellings

    Menu, Quality Assurance, Spelling, Misspellings

  4. From the list of misspellings, find the misspelled word you want to fix.

  5. Expand the Pages column next to the misspelled word to view all pages on your site where the misspelling was found. Note that if the misspelling is found on multiple pages, they need to be fixed on every page. 

  6. Click on the page title of the page where the misspelling was found. You will be referred to the Page Report for that page. 

    Steps to locate misspelling as described

  7. The platform highlights the misspelling with a flashing red color on the Page Report. If the misspelling does not highlight or does not seem to be on the live page, try using "Show HTML" as these misspellings are typically only found in the source code. 


  8. To fix the misspelling you need to go to the page affected by the misspelling in your Content Management System (CMS). In most cases we can set up a deeplink to the affected page from the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform, so you do not have to navigate to the page in your CMS, saving you valuable time. If you want to have the CMS deeplink setup, please fill out the CMS deeplink-form.

  9. If your CMS system has been deeplinked with the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform, click on the "CMS" button located on top left-hand side of the page. This button provides a shortcut to the affected page in your editing environment.


  10. Fix the misspelling and republish the page. Once the correction is live you can re-check the page in Siteimprove to make sure the misspelling was fixed correctly. If you have fixed the misspelling on multiple pages, you can re-check pages in bulk by ticking off the boxes next to each page, and clicking the Re-check button. The misspelling will disappear automatically after the next scheduled crawl if this is not done.

 Re-check of page

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