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Enterprise Features and Enhanced Self-Service - April 3rd 2017

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By Kate Sygrove

Welcome to the Siteimprove release notes

April 3rd brings a lot of exciting changes for our users, with multiple additions to the Enterprise Features within Settings - including Roles and Permissions, Password Policy and Global sites and groups. Improvements have also been added to help our users help themselves including a revised flow for adding users into the system, the ability to add and delete sites, as well as new in tool tutorials.

This release also brings with it a new look and feel for the Siteimprove services.


Settings: Enterprise Features (Professional)

"Enterprise features" is an umbrella term that covers a number of functionalities that enhance efficiency, flexibility, and customization of managing and administering your Siteimprove subscription.

Particularly for large organizations, the ability to tailor settings and manage users accordingly is of upmost importance to ensure all stakeholders get the correct information and required access rights.

Our new enterprise features simplify those activities and provide the customization of roles and permissions, a brand-new password policy and global groups and sites - accompanying the existing features of Tags, SSO and API. 

  • Customizable Roles & Permissions: By default, Siteimprove now provides 5 pre-defined roles (Report Recipient, Read Only, User, Administrator & Account Owner). In order to accommodate the variety of different organizational structures, it is now possible to create an unlimited number of additional roles and configure view and action permissions to suit your needs (e.g. setting up a role “Accessibility Auditor” which will only display the Accessibility results to assigned users).




As default the permission to configure new roles is associated with the Account Owner role.

  • Password Policy: Organizations now have the ability to create their personal password policy for Siteimprove users that lives up to their internal security standards. This password policy can be based on length (8-64 characters) and characters (upper- and lowercase letters, numbers or special characters).



  • Groups and Sites Across Content & Analytics: A unified reference is now provided within Settings for all Sites and groups that have been added and created on the account. Covering both Content and Analytics, sites and groups can be configured in one place, making administration and setup quick and easy allowing for focus and time to be dedicated to the real issues.



Enhanced Self-Service

From April on, we are also going to empower our users more. This is why we have improved the user creation flow, included 30 Interactive on-line Tutorials, and included the ability to add and remove sites.

  • Simplified User Creation: Adding, removing or managing users should be a smooth and simple process. This is why we are introducing a 2-step process for adding one or multiple users. Users can be added really quickly by utilizing the default access settings or you can utilize step 2 to assign roles and site/group access immediately, so new users can hit the ground running when they log in for the first time.





  • Add & Remove Sites: A real game changer is the ability for users to add or remove sites to/from their account. There is no more need to contact Siteimprove's customer support to get this done after April 3.



  • Interactive Tutorials: There will be more than 30 interactive in-tool tutorials that will offer a step-by-step guide to get familiar with and more knowledgeable about our key features and functionalities.


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