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What does the Siteimprove CMS Plugin offer?

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

The Siteimprove CMS Plugin bridges the gap between a customer's CMS and the Siteimprove services. Thanks to the seamless integration, customers are now able to put the service to use when it is most valuable, i.e. during the content creation and editing process. Therefore, content contributors can test, fix, and optimize their work continuously. Once issues have been addressed, you can re-check the relevant page and find out if further actions are required.

The Siteimprove CMS Plugin is free of charge. Get the Siteimprove CMS Plugin.

What are the benefits of using the Siteimprove CMS Plugin?

Error free content the first time – The Siteimprove CMS Plugin offers immediate results and allows you to fix errors to optimize content while it's being edited.

Put analytics data to use straight away – With the Siteimprove Plugin, analytics insights are readily available to help you improve the user experience on each page.

Re-check pages instantly – The Siteimprove Plugin allows you to re-check your content immediately, so you can be certain that issues are resolved before you move on to other tasks.

What information/ data does the Siteimprove CMS Plugin show?*

  • Misspellings and broken links
  • Readability levels
  • Accessibility issues (A, AA, AAA conformance level)
  • High priority policies
  • SEO errors, warnings and reviews
  • Page visits (last 30 days)
  • Page views (last 30 days)
  • Time spent on page
  • Internal traffic (referring pages and next pages)
  • Feedback rating and comments

*Data shown in the Siteimprove CMS Plugin depends on the Siteimprove services you are subscribed to.



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