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Siteimprove Content Suite on Intranets/Login Sites

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By Sean Needham

The Siteimprove Content Suite can be utilized on internal and non-public websites such as Intranets, pre-production, and staging websites.

Siteimprove uses web based crawlers to index and check your websites for errors.
For this to be possible, your internal websites must meet the below requirements: 

Access to the Website via the Internet
The website must be available over the internet, i.e. not only available on your internal network.
This requires one of the following:

  • A subdomain pointing to the websites public IP-address
  • A hostname paired with a public IP-address
  • A public IP-address that leads directly to the website

Login Credentials for Password Protected Websites

Login credentials are required for password protected websites. Please make sure that the user created for Siteimprove does NOT expire or use a password renewal policy. The user should NOT have access to modify or delete content on the website/intranet.

We support the following authentication methods:

  • Basic Authentication - Please supply Username, Password, Domain and Realm

  • Windows Authentication - Please supply Username, Password and logon domain. Some types of Windows Authentication are not compatible with our Perl-based crawlers.

  • Token-based Login - We will send a GET request supplying an agreed upon token that will authenticate our crawlers for the session. Please supply authentication URL.

  • Form Based POST Request - We support a variety of POST login methods with prefetching of dynamic server side generated variables. Please supply Username, Password and Login form URL.

If you would like to crawl a site that is not publicly available, behind a firewall or requires a login/authentication, then please submit a Support ticket to request assistance adding the site to your subscription.

Note: In some cases, it may not be possible to do a full Accessibility check behind a login.
For example, assets like style sheets, JavaScript, images etc. that are behind logins can cause inaccuracies in the accessibility results. This all depends on the type of login and the login configuration on the specific website. To find out more or if you have any questions regarding this then please contact Siteimprove technical support.

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