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NEW FEATURE: Funnels - May 9, 2017

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By Grace Lam



We're excited to introduce Funnels, a new Analytics feature that gives you the power to zoom in on past and present user navigation patterns from the moment that it is implemented.

Often you want to funnel your website visitors through a series of steps to reach a target conversion. For example, clicking through a number of links to request a quote, sign up for a newsletter, or reach a webshop. Funnels allows you to track visitors’ journeys against a desired sequence of actions. You see exactly how many of your visitors are advancing through a conversion—and how many aren't.

Where Behavior Tracking and User Journeys analyze general visitor browsing behaviors, Funnels gives you insights into the specific journeys that you want your users to navigate.

The Funnels feature is found under the Menu, Analytics > Behavior > Funnels.

Flexibly define your user journeys

Funnel Setup

At each step in your funnel, you decide exactly where you want your visitors to go or what you want them to do. You can even add multiple possibilities for a single step, ensuring that your funnel captures visitors who have landed at each step via different paths.

Map out the conversion roads less (or more) traveled

Example Funnel 

You may have an ideal path to your funnel endpoint in mind, but your visitors might be inclined to browse about for a bit, taking the long way around. In an easy-to-read infographic, Funnels shows you what alternative paths your visitors have taken so you don't miss any opportunity to optimize your user navigation flow.


Identify where you’re losing your visitors

Funnel Drop Off details 

Funnels tracks where visitors have dropped off the conversion path and where they go instead. Now you can pinpoint exactly where you might need to make changes to the copy, flow, or design of your website to get your visitors back on track.


Conversion statistics for easy reference

Conversion statistics

Charts show you how your funnels have performed across different periods. Have you been making improvements to your website to speed up the conversion process? Completion time statistics tell you how long it took for users to reach the end of your funnel, and how much this average changes over time.


Get long-term user insights without long-time data monitoring

With other analytics tools, you have to wait for data to come in before you can start evaluating. When you create a Funnel in Siteimprove, on the other hand, it immediately shows you how well a conversion path has been performing by tracking your data retroactively. Start using Funnels now and get website optimization insights without having to wait.


Combine Funnels with other analytics for a closer look at your visitors’ behaviors

Funnels gives you a more nuanced overview of what your visitors are doing when used with:

  • Behavior Maps - see where people are clicking or focusing on if they aren't following your target steps, or what type of users are most likely to click on to the next step
  • Behavior Tracking - sequence Funnel steps based on pages that visitors are arriving at and moving on to
  • User Journeys - create new Funnels based on the most popular User Journeys
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