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Where can I manage the Classic QA reports?

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

The Classic QA reports are still used by a number of customers and detail broken links and misspellings found on your site. This article explains how to enable/disable these reports. You need to be an Administrator or equivalent to manage settings for another user. 

Manage Classic QA reports for a number of users

The Classic Quality Assurance (QA) reports can be found in Settings > Content > Crawl Settings > Choose Site > Classic QA Reports.

Menu, Settings, Content, Crawl Settings

Select the names of those that should receive the report.  


Manage Classic QA reports for an individual user

It is also possible to manage Classic Report settings for an individual user on the user profile page. You can reach your Profile under your user username or other go to

Settings > Manage Users > Profile > Edit User > Scroll to bottom > See and edit QA classic reports.

For further details check out this Interactive Tutorial: How do I configure Classic QA reports?

Note: The Classic QA reports will be phased out in the future. We recommend clients use our new reporting feature where reports can be customized to include QA policies, broken links in PDFs, history graphs, readability results and much more.

Learn more about how to set up the new reports and how to schedule them

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