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More Options for Managing Accessibility, Readability and User Surveys – May 23, 2017

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By Grace Lam

The latest Siteimprove release brings you more flexibility in deciding what content you want checked for readability and accessibility issues, and also in changing your user survey content.

  • Turn Readability on/off
  • Make Accessibility issue decisions for multiple pages in one go
  • Unlock user feedback survey fields


What’s new in Quality Assurance


Readability toggle

Readability tests show you how easy-to-understand your websites are. But as they are often developed with English texts in mind, they won’t always be useful for your non-English language sites. (Particularly if your website is in Welsh and you need to make frequent reference to “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch”, which might just skew your readability test results.)

Solution: you can now disable readability tests for specific sites with a new Enabled/Disabled toggle. (As a default, readability will be enabled.)

disable readability test toggle button


Look for the toggle under Content in Settings. 


What’s new in Accessibility


Bulk “can’t fix” action

Previously, you could only apply the “can’t fix” decision to multiple pages by ticking off each individual page under a specific accessibility issue, a process that could be laborious if you had a lot of pages to click. Or you could apply a “can’t fix” decision relating to a specific issue to your entire website—an approach that only allows for very high-level decisions.

The introduction of the “can’t fix” decision at bulk level gives you a level of control between granular and global. Now you can be selective about which pages to apply decisions to while still being able to do so for multiple pages in one go.

  a 'can’t fix' option at bulk level


You can filter your pages by groups, and then apply the bulk “can’t fix” action to all pages in the group:

 List of Page Groups


Remember, this “can’t fix” action will be applied to all selected pages in bulk. You won’t be able to apply the “can’t fix” or “approved” decisions across all individual instances of an accessibility issue within a single page. (This isn’t because we like to make you do more work; it’s because it’s difficult to make blanket decisions on individually flagged occurrences without actually reviewing them first.)


You can access the bulk “can’t fix” action by navigating to the specific issue under “Issues” in the Accessibility menu.


What’s new in Analytics


Unlock fields in active user feedback surveys

You now have the ability to “unlock” fields associated with an active user feedback survey and make changes to the setup, a function many of our customers have been asking for.

user feedback survey setup


Be careful though—making changes to a survey while it’s currently active can potentially impact the quality of your results, especially if you change the nature of the questions in the feedback tab, or alter the response scales.

You can unlock feedback survey fields by accessing Analytics under the Settings menu.


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