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Graph annotations, credit card policy, more accurate color contrast checks – June 6, 2017

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By Grace Lam

The latest Siteimprove release includes Graph Annotations, a new feature available across Siteimprove, an addition to the Policy Library that looks for publicly exposed credit card numbers, as well as improved color contrast checks in Accessibility.


What’s new:

Graph Annotations

 Graph Annotations

Graph Annotations is a new feature you can use anywhere there is a graph in Siteimprove. Annotations are a handy way of adding comments and explanatory notes to specific points in your graph to explain trends or developments.

A sudden drop in page visits looks like a worrying trend at first glance….

Graph showing sudden drop

…but a quick glance at an annotation reminds the user that it’s not uncommon for websites to experience a downturn around the Christmas season:

Graph with note regarding Christmas season

Similarly, a steady, gradual drop in accessibility issues could be attributed to the recent hire of a web accessibility expert. A sharp spike in page views could be due to a new website launch or seasonal promotion. When you’re looking at graphs that track changes over months or years, adding an annotation can serve as a quick reminder of the underlying causes behind trends.


Customize the visibility of your annotations


Annotations can help others more easily make sense of patterns and fluctuations too—that’s why you can choose to share your comments by making them visible to all users. Or you can set them to private, for your own reference.

 Making a note

Because annotations are date-specific, you can choose to have your annotations visible across graphs in different services. This can be useful if multiple issues are correlated to the same occurrence.

Adding note on multiple modules


Addition to Policy Library: Publicly Visible Credit Card Numbers

 Publicly Visible Credit Card Numbers

We’ve added a new policy to the Policy Library that looks for possible instances of credit card numbers that are publicly visible on your site, allowing you to take action before confidential data is compromised.

The policy looks for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners Club credit card numbers on your sites.



Accessibility: More Accurate Color Contrast Checks

We have adjusted the calculations of our color contrast checks to make them more accurate, in adherence with WCAG 2.0.

Color Contrast Checks

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