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Long Paragraphs policy, improvements, and bug fixes – June 19, 2017

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By Grace Lam

What’s new

Addition to Policy Library: Long Paragraphs

Long paragraphs policy

Long paragraphs impede your readers’ focus and comprehension, especially in online texts. The latest addition to the Policy Library looks for paragraphs longer than the recommended maximum length of 400 characters.


Improvements and bug fixes

In Analytics:

Colorblind Mode in Segmentation Map

Colorblind Mode in Segmentation Map

Colored shapes to represent different segments

Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. That’s why we’ve enabled a colorblind mode in Segmentation Maps to help our CVD customers better distinguish the behaviors of visitor groups. For the rest of us, the use of colored shapes to represent different segments means less squinting to pick out overlapping dots. Accessibility—it’s a win-win.

Increase in number of Funnels steps

By customer request, we have increased the maximum number of steps you can add to a funnel to 10 (previously it was capped at five steps). 


In Platform Security:

User lockout after multiple failed attempts to login

Previously users were able to make unlimited login attempts, which posed a security risk. Users are now locked out for 30 mins after five unsuccessful attempts to login, and will be invited to reset their password.


In Quality Assurance:

Readability bug fixes

Fixed: Sentences were being incorrectly parsed and flagged as being overly long in readability tests. New paragraphs now signify the beginning of new sentences, resulting in more accurate readability results.

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