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How can I analyze the behavior of my users?

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By Sean Needham

Within the Analytics Suite there are several possibilities for analyzing user behavior. These possibilities include User Journeys, Behavior Tracking, Behavior Map, and Funnels.

The purpose of this article is to compile information on how to use the Siteimprove features and resources available to analyze your user's behavior.

You can also check out our interactive tutorial on the Behavior features available.     

User Journeys

In User Journeys, you can explore the paths that visitors take between two specific pages.

Behavior Tracking

Behavior Tracking is an open-ended exploratory feature, allowing you to analyze how users navigate to and from a specific page (focus page).

Behavior Map

Behavior Maps gives a visual overlay showing where visitors click, scroll, and interact with specific pages on your website.


Funnels allow you to measure, visualize, and understand how visitors follow key steps on your website.



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