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Why is my page count higher in Analytics than in Quality Assurance?

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

Siteimprove frequently gets questions from customers confused about the discrepancy between the number of pages found in Quality Assurance and in the Analytics Suite. This article will answer why the two display different page counts.

The Analytics Suite and the Content Suite, which contains Quality Assurance (QA), operate in different ways when collecting analytics data on the one hand, and content on the other. 

In Quality Assurance, the crawler starts at your root domain and systematically identifies all hyperlinks and other assets such as documents, media files etc. found on your website. The QA crawler only identifies the unique content on your pages. A page with a different URL structure such as and still contain the same content.


Page count shown in Quality Assurance

For Analytics, any page containing the script will be pulled into the Platform. Generally when the script is programmatically placed on all pages, this includes many variable types of pages (http vs https, www vs non-www, some pages with a / at the end, others without, etc.). Learn more about how to know if the Analytics script is present on all of your pages.

Number of pages found in Analytics via. Content>All Pages>Scrolling to the bottom of the page

The reason we don’t limit your number of pages in Analytics, unlike in Quality Assurance, is because there are endless possibilities for what types of pages we find there. That is why there is a big difference between the number of Analytics pages and QA pages. There are so many actions that users can perform (for example, using the search feature on a website creates a "new page" for each result) that can drive up the page count in Analytics.

Siteimprove does not index all of these variabilities in QA because they may not be linked on the site, and we only need a single version of the page to crawl its contents. This is why Analytics pricing is based on Yearly Page Views (YPV) and not total page counts like in Quality Assurance.


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