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Policy library addition and Accessibility update – July 18, 2017

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By Grace Lam

This week’s release sees a new addition to the Policy Library to help you notate time in a consistent manner across your site, and an update in Accessibility to align with the updated WAI-ARIA 1.1 specification. We’ve been working on all sorts of exciting projects, so check back here regularly to see what’s new.


What’s new


Addition to Policy Library: Find Wrong Time Formats

policy to look for incorrect time formats on your website

We’ve added a policy to look for incorrect time formats on your website. The policy looks for any time formats that do not match your preferred notation style. You can select from the 24-hour format (e.g. 22:00) or the 12-hour format (e.g. 10:00pm) as your preferred time format.




In Accessibility: distinction between landmarks and non-landmarks

In accordance with recent changes to WAI-ARIA 1.1 in HTML, the semantic tags <header> and <footer> will not be considered landmarks when placed inside the tags below. This means that you’ll see a decrease in the number of errors, warnings, and reviews relating to landmarks in Accessibility.




<article> *


*As before

This update affects these Accessibility issues under 1.3.1 Info and relationships:

  • Landmarks with identical names
  • Appropriate landmarks
  • Non-distinguishable landmarks
  • Content outside of landmarks
  • Appropriate names for landmarks


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