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How to delete Exclusions and Aliases from your site

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This article shows you how to delete existing Exclusions and Aliases on your site. Learn more about Exclusions and Aliases.

Note: Only users with Administrator or Account Owner rights have permission to access these settings.

  1. Select Settings from the main menu.
  2. Click Content from the side bar menu.
  3. Click Crawl Settings from the sub-menu and select the site on your account you wish to delete an exclusion/alias on.
  4. Select exclusion/alias by choosing the relevant tabs.
  5. Locate the exclusion/alias you wish to delete and click the delete (X) button.

If you wish to delete multiple matches, select the check box next to each match and then click the delete button.

Results from the deleted exclusions and aliases will be included in your next scheduled crawl (typically every five days), unless you initiate a re-crawl of your entire site outside the normal scheduled crawl times. Once the site has been re-crawled, you will also notice that the Check History section in Quality Assurance will most likely show an increase in page/link count on your site due to the deletion of exclusions.

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