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Siteimprove Community Badge Program

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By Sean Needham

We love to see users helping each other in the Siteimprove Community and we want to reward this positive behavior with Siteimprove's Community Badge Program.

How do I qualify for a Badge?

Community members can earn a badge by:

  • Helping others with questions about the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform (SIP)
  • Suggesting valuable product improvements
  • Sharing their experience within the community

Community moderators at Siteimprove decide who gets a badge and when users advance to a higher level badge, based on the criteria listed in the table below.

What Badges are awarded?

Level Title Criteria Badge

Siteimprove Hero

A Siteimprove Community member that frequently helps other community members by answering their questions regarding SIP.


Siteimprove Guru

Is an engaged member of the Siteimprove Community that actively provides answers and advice to users on how to get the most out of SIP.


Siteimprove Legend

Is a champion of Siteimprove who shares knowledge, experience, expertise, advice, and best practice recommendations to other members of the Siteimprove Community regarding SIP.


What’s in it for you?

  • Free Siteimprove swag (t-shirt, etc.) with each level achieved
  • Get invited to user groups
  • Adoration within the Siteimprove community 
  • Siteimprove Badge on the community

Note: If you’d like to help but do not want a badge, that is fine with us too. We always ask a user’s permission before awarding badges.

If you have any feedback or would like to find out more about the Community Badge Program, please contact Siteimprove.

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