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How do I add a Response checkpoint for my site/s?

Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir avatar
By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

Account owners can add sites and Response checkpoints in the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform (SIP).

If you are not an Account owner, please ask your organization's account owner to add the site/checkpoint.

To add a site/checkpoint, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Click on Settings next to your username

  2. Choose Sites

  3. Click on the Add site button


  4. Enter the site/checkpoint name you wish to monitor

  5. Enter the URL of the site/checkpoint starting with the URL protocol e.g. https://

  6. Select Response and deselect any other products that are already configured for this site

  7. Click the Verify and add site button to finish the setup


The site will then be added to your subscription.

For further information, check out this interactive tutorial showing you "How to add a new site to your Siteimprove subscription".

Note: The number of Response checkpoints added on your account depends on your Siteimprove subscription.

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