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NEW: Organization filter, Survey comment deletion, and improved accessibility in Feedback – Nov. 21, 2017

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By Grace Lam

The main themes of today’s release are privacy and accessibility. We’ve added two new functionalities in Analytics to help you protect your visitors’ privacy (because now's the time to get ready for GDPR), and improved the accessibility of our Feedback feature.

  • Delete survey comments: manually delete survey comments or schedule automatic deletion of comments at regular intervals.
  • Organization filter in Analytics: now you can filter visitor data by organization.
  • Improved accessibility in Feedback so your surveys are accessible to all users.




Deletion of survey comments


Manual deletion

Survey comments can provide valuable feedback on your website, but sometimes visitors may leave personal information in them, expecting to be contacted for follow-up. To avoid having personal information floating around, you can now delete specific comments.

Scheduled automatic deletion

You can also schedule automatic deletion of survey comments once a certain amount of time has passed. This is set up when you create your survey, before it’s locked for editing.


Organization filter in Analytics

The new Organizations filter will be particularly useful for our users in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, where it’s not possible or unusual to segment visitors by their IP addresses due to privacy laws. The organization filter allows you to filter your visitors by the organization they are associated with instead. This provides an easy alternative for identifying, for example, which industries or sectors are most interested in your website.

But heads up: for any users who are considering anonymizing their website visitors’ IP addresses in preparation for GDPR (under which IP addresses are considered a form of identifying personal data), the Organizations filter is for you too.




Feedback survey accessibility


We’ve improved the Feedback feature so that you can be sure that the surveys you create are accessible to all users:

  • Color contrast: when the colors of your buttons and background don’t have sufficient contrast, a message alerts you to choose a more accessible color contrast.
  • Rating buttons: screen readers will announce when a rating has been selected by your visitor, and which rating it is they’ve selected (e.g. sad emoji, smiling emoji). Ratings are also read aloud in the sequential order of the rating scale (e.g. 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars).
  • Keyboard focus: Stronger visual focus on selected elements when a user opens or navigates a survey.
  • Required fields: it's now more clearly indicated to screen readers which aspects of a survey are required (e.g. leaving a rating). 
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