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NEW: Visitor Privacy settings and Kentico CMS plugin - Dec.14, 2017

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By Grace Lam

In today’s release:

  • New Visitor Privacy settings: control whether you can see your visitors’ IP addresses and whether to track the browsing behaviors of visitors who have requested “Do Not Track” in their browser.
  • Kentico CMS plugin: the Siteimprove CMS plugin is now available for users of Kentico 11.




Visitor Privacy settings

Visitor Privacy settings

Rounding off the recently added privacy-related functionalities in Analytics, we have added a Visitor Privacy page with two settings that allow you to limit the amount of Analytics data you collect if you choose to.

IP Anonymization

IP Anonymization toggle button

If you’re getting ready to be GDPR-compliant, you’ll know that IP addresses are considered personal data under the new EU data protection regulation coming into effect in May 2018. That’s why we’re introducing IP address anonymization. It’s an easy way to avoid keeping any more incoming personal data than is strictly necessary, though it also comes with some usage caveats.

To “anonymize” the IP addresses of website visitors means that Siteimprove discards incoming IP data and replaces it with blank data. This also has the effect of purging any currently stored IP data, and you won’t be able to filter visitor data by IP groups anymore if you turn on anonymization. All anonymized data is irrecoverable.

But don’t worry about accidentally deleting important IP data—when you turn on IP anonymization there’s a 72-hour delay before the changes take effect. During this period you can still turn off IP anonymization without any loss of IP data, just in case you change your mind.

Note: Anonymization of Analytics IP addresses will be enabled automatically for EU customer before the May 2018 deadline in order to meet EU data protection regulations.

"Do Not Track" compliance

Do Not Track compliance toggle button

You can also decide whether you want to respect your visitors' "Do Not Track (DNT)" requests. Visitors who have turned on "Do Not Track" in their browser settings are effectively asking the websites they visit not to track or store data about their browsing behaviors—a request that websites can choose to ignore. Turning on the "Do Not Track" compliance option in Analytics means that you will no longer gather this information from visitors who have turned on DNT.


Kentico CMS plugin

 Kentico CMS plugin

Good news for Kentico users—our convenient CMS plugin is now compatible with the latest version of Kentico. With the plugin, all the insights of the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform are available right inside your CMS. Correct your misspellings, optimize your SEO, and fix your accessibility issues directly in your CMS without having to switch between windows.

Download the toolkit for Kentico to enable the plugin here.

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