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How do I find unwanted words on my website?

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By Guðrún Gústafsdóttir

This article is intended to guide you in how you find unwanted words on your website using Policy. The case may be that an employee has left the company, a product name has been changed or something of that sort that needs to be edited or deleted. This is where our Policy module comes handy. To remove the unwanted words you have to go to delete them in your content management system (CMS).

Below is a step-by-step guide how to find unwanted words on your website:

  1. Select Policy from the main menu

  2. Select Policies from the side-bar menu.

  3. Click Create policy

  4. Select the Content policy category


  5. Add a rule to the policy by clicking on the sign

  6. Click on Content match


  7. Insert the unwanted word or sentence. To add more matches click on + Add another match. Please note that a policy should reflect what you do not want to find on your website.


  8. Add a meaningful name to the policy. The name should reflect what the policy entails.

  9. Use the note to describe the action the editor needs to take.

  10. Choose if you want to apply the policy to all sites on your account or specific sites.

  11. Assign a Priority to your policy. This will give editors a heads up on what policies to focus on.

  12. Choose if you want to make the policy visible in other services (QA, Accessibility, SEO) to
    supplement existing checks and issues.

  13. Finish the policy setup by clicking Save changes


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