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Introduction to Policy

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Policy enables you to enforce your organization's web standards or content strategies.

Is can be accessed via Main menu > Policy

View our interactive tutorial on how to add a policy from the Policy Library.

Policies can be as simple or complex as required, and policies can be associated with one or multiple sites. Any number of policies can be created.

Siteimprove groups are integrated within Policy, enabling editors to focus on matches for pages that are relevant to them, but at the same time adhering to policies that are in place for the whole organization.

Policy Overview

Under Policy Overview in the Policy module, you see all policies that relate to the sites you have access to. Once a site is selected you can filter the policies by a group.


Policy details

Select a specific policy from the Policies table and choose the site you are interested in if multiple sites are available.

The policy details table allows you to see specifics for that policy – the rules that have been used, the sites it is associated with, who last edited it and a note (if added).

The table displays each page where there is a match, together with details.

Details of policy


Matches can be ignored on a page basis using the ignore button.

ignore icon

All ignored matches can be viewed and reversed at any time by filtering the table.

filtering the table

My Sites

My sites gives a quick overview of all the sites you have access to with the number of policies that have been set up for each site together with the number of current matches.

Policies and matches for a site

Create Policy

Policies can be created from the My Policies menu or from the Policy library. The resources below are available to guide you on creating policies:




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