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Introduction to Policy

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

Policy can be accessed in the services dropdown and is an automatic addition to all subscriptions utilizing the QA service.


Policy enables you to reflect your organisations' web standards or content strategies within Siteimprove.

Any number of policies can be created, and current and future matches are displayed.

Policies can be as simple or complex as required, and policies can be associated with 1 or multiple sites.

Siteimprove’s easy to use grouping setup is also integrated within Policy, enabling editors to focus on matches just for pages that are relevant to them, but at the same time adhering to policies that are in place for the whole organization.


The first page you come to is an summary of all policies that have been created. The default view displays policies that relate to all of the sites you have access to, and an individual site/group can also be selected. Any current matches are displayed. 



Policy details

Select a specific policy from the Policies table and choose the site you are interested in if multiple sites are available.

The policy details table allows you to see specifics for that policy – the rules that have been used, the sites it is associated with, who last edited it and a note (if added).



The table displays each page where there is a match together with details.



Matches can be ignored on a page basis using the ignore icon.



All ignored matches can be viewed and reversed at any time by filtering the table.


My Sites

As in QA, My sites gives a quick overview of all the sites you have access to with the number of policies that have been set up for each site together with the number of current matches.




Create Policy

New policies can be created through the Polices table or from the Policy library.


Choose the category that relates to your policy and add any combination of rules from the drop-down menu.



AND INCLUDE is used between rules


 OR is used if multiple elements are contained in the same rule by adding another match.



Policies can contain a single rule or multiple rules

All policies must have a name and many find an additional note useful as a way of communicating about the policies across the organization.

A policy can be associated with a single site, multiple sites or all sites. Account Owner, Administrators or users with equivalent rights can set this up. 


Once a policy has been saved, you will be redirected to the Policies overview table and Siteimprove will immediately look to see if the policy has matches on the sites selected.


Event Log

The event log provides a running summary of all actions taken within Policy -  policies added/deleted/edited and match results.



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