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What is CMS Deeplinking and how do I enable it?

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By Sean Needham

After Siteimprove identifies an issue for you to correct, the next step is to actually go and fix it. CMS deeplinking assists with this by creating a link from the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform to the corresponding editing page in your CMS. This can be a big time saver if you have a large database of content or if navigating your CMS is slow and cumbersome. This article will help you enable CMS Deeplinking within Siteimprove.

How do I enable CMS deeplinking? 

To initiate the process for CMS Deeplinking, please fill out our CMS Deeplinking form. In the form you will need to provide Siteimprove's Support team with a few examples of a live page URL on your site and its corresponding CMS editing URL. The following directions below are intended to guide you to fill out the CMS Deeplinking form correctly. Note: CMS Deeplinking can be enabled on the majority of accounts depending on the CMS environment. In some cases additional work may need to be done to allow for the integration and in very few cases an integration may not be possible.

How to determine the CMS editing URL

The CMS editing URL is the location your browser is at when editing the corresponding live page. We provide the following example using WordPress CMS. 
If we were trying to provide the CMS editing URL for our website "", we could login into our CMS WordPress and access the "Edit Page" screen for that page. Once there if we look in our browsers address bar we can see it provides us with a URL to the editing environment. In the example below this is: "". 

CMS link

Based on this, we can now provide the following information to the Siteimprove Support team through the CMS Deeplinking form:

Live URL:

CMS Editing URL:

Once you have found two examples of the Live URL and its corresponding CMS Editing URL along with filling out all the necessary information, you can submit the form by clicking Deeplink to my CMS.

Once the CMS Deeplink has been implemented, a CMS Deeplinking button can be found in various locations through the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform. Typically, they are found right next to the page URL or at the top of your Page Reports:

CMS link
CMS Deeplink button next to the page URL


CMS Deeplink button at the top of the Page Report

Technical Details

Once you provide the Support Team with examples of the editing URLs, we will evaluate them to determine what pattern your CMS editing URL follows. In our example above we can see that the editing URL contains parameter “post=54". This tells us that in order to link to your CMS editing URLs, we will need to be able to find the "post=" value for each page. From here, the Support Team will determine if we can find that value somewhere in the live pages HTML source code. If we can find a consistent location to get this value we can use that to populate the editing URL pattern. A common method of providing the ID is using meta tags like the following:

<meta name="pageID" content="54"/> 

If something like this does not currently exist in your source code, it may be something we will need to have your developers implement. If possible, it is helpful if the developers implement a meta tag that points us directly to the location we should be linking to:

<meta name="editingPage" content=""/>

Note: If creating meta tags, it is preferred that the name attribute is placed before the content attribute. This allows for an easier implementation. 

If you have problems filling out the form or have any questions please contact Siteimprove Support



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