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Why are my QA reports not sent through the Reports module?

By Kate Sygrove

We are developing and continuously improving our platform, and although you are able to run and schedule QA reports (either standard reports or bespoke) through the reports module, the default reports are being sent independently of the reports module.


If you do not wish to receive the default reports and want to create and schedule your own QA reports through the reports module, then you can easily make some changes within Settings.

Administrators can stop the old reports being sent per site by going to Quality Assurance setup, selecting a site, and then selecting the “Access and QA reports for users” tab.

To stop reports being sent the box within the “Report” column needs to be unchecked.

You can schedule other Quality Assurance reports through the report module to run alongside the default reports, although you are welcome to make changes within Settings, as described above if you choose to only run the new reports.

When we are able to cover the default reports 100% through the reports module, all schedules will be converted, and there will no longer be a reference to reports within Setup, only access.


All customers will be notified when this conversion has taken place.

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