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How do I exclude a section of my website from the Quality Assurance check?

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By Sean Needham

This article is intended to guide you in excluding sections/pages from Quality Assurance, SEO and Accessibility checks. Only Account Owners, Administrators or those with the correct customized roles can exclude sections/pages from a specific site. 

Note: If you exclude a section as described below, URLs that contain the exclusion match will not be checked for broken links. To exclude pages from being checked but still check links referring to that content, use an external alias as described in "How to add and remove content from a crawl (Aliases and Exclusions)".

  1. Select Settings from the main menu

  2. Select Content from the side-bar menu

  3. From the drop-down, click on Crawl Settings

    Menu Settings Content Crawl Settings

  4. From the list of sites, select the site you wish to make exclusions on.

  5. Enter the URL exclusion match. Pages that have a common element within the page URLs can be excluded. For example, to exclude the News Archives pages you might add the /NewsArchivePages/ folder as an exclusion.

  6. Click the Create exclusion button to finish. 

    Create Exclusion

Note: The exclusion will be in effect once a re-crawl of the website has been issued or the next scheduled crawl has taken place.



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