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Is it possible to make decisions about content and issues?

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By Kate Sygrove

Yes, it is possible to review each issue and then make a decision as to whether you need to fix it or wish to ignore it (you are able to re-include ignored issues back into your Accessibility results at any time.) Since we flag errors, warnings and reviews, and our users have different focus areas within Accessibility that they are interested in, we feel it is important that you are given the ability to review the issue and the content and then make your own assessment.

You can also make your own decisions in regards to content that is checked. For all guidelines where images are concerned, you can choose to ignore items on a specific page or on the entire site. For example; if you are looking at a specific page and just want to make decisions for that page then an image can be ignored on an individual page basis (all users), whereas if you want to ignore your company logo on the entire site then this option is also available (administrators only). 

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