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How does the "Pages Without Visits" Feature in Analytics Work?

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

The Pages Without Visits feature in the Siteimprove Analytics tool displays a list of pages on your website that have had no visits during the selected time period. This article covers possible reasons why pages are not being visited and what criteria a page must meet in order to displayed in the Pages Without Visits table.

Possible reasons why pages are not being visited:

There can be a number of reasons pages are not being visited, including:

  • The page is too difficult to find using the website’s navigation.

  • The page has a page title and/or header that does not properly describe its contents.

  • The page is difficult to find through the website's internal search.

  • The page is difficult to find through external search engines.

  • The page is irrelevant for the website’s visitors.

Only in those cases where the page is actually irrelevant and not required does it make sense to delete the page. In most other cases it would be a better option to improve the content of the page and/or make it easier to find. 

What criteria must the page meet in order to be displayed Pages Without Visits results?

Only pages that meet ALL of the criteria listed below will be included:

  1. The page must have the Siteimprove Analytics script.

  2. The page must have Analytics/Quality Assurance integration - i.e. the page must be found in both Quality Assurance and Analytics and have a match established between them.

  3. The page must have been found in the latest Quality Assurance crawl.

  4. The page must have had no visits in the selected time period with any chosen filter and group.

  5. If the page registered in Quality Assurance has multiple Analytics link matches (in case of a parameter exclusion, for example), the page will only be included if none of these links have had any visits.

These criteria make sure that pages included in the list with some certainty have NOT had any visits during the selected time period.


A screenshot showing the Pages Without Visits table. All pages in the table have met the above criteria.

It also means that in many cases this list will not be complete: there may be pages on the website that have not had any visits in the selected time period, but are not included in the list because we do not know they exist. This can occur when sections of the site are not included in the Quality Assurance crawl, or when pages do not have the Siteimprove Analytics script.

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