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Keywords and Siteimprove SEO

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By Kate Sygrove

What are keywords?

Keywords are at the very heart of search engine optimization and even though search engines are getting better at semantic search (deriving meaning from the words on your page rather than just matching the words on your page to the user’s search query), it is still important to include important keywords and synonyms in your content.

Keywords, or keyphrases, can consist of several words. A few years ago, keywords needed to be repeated a certain number of times throughout the page for maximum SEO effect. These days it is much more important to create content that is valuable for users and then include the keyword as well as synonyms and related keywords naturally throughout the page and in strategic places such as the title tag, headings, etc.

How do I use keywords in Siteimprove SEO?

The Siteimprove SEO tool will help you optimize your pages for the search engines, and you do not need any prior knowledge of SEO as the system will tell you what you need to do.

To get started using keywords, all you have to do is to click Pages in the left hand menu in the SEO tool then hover over the page you want to pair up with a keyword and in the keywords column click the add keyword button.


You are allowed to add more than one keyword for each page, but it is easier to stick to one keyword (or keyphrase) per page (remember one keyword can consist of several words, eg. “broken links”).

Best practice for SEO is to address one topic per page. If you want to target two completely different keywords on the same page, you might want to consider creating a new page for the second keyword. If you want to target the same keyword on two or more different pages, you might want to consider merging the pages to one.

When you have added a keyword to a page, you can click the page and go the the SEO page report which will give you a list of issues you need to address in order to optimize that page for the specific keyword.

How do I choose the right keywords?

It is impossible to optimize your website for all interesting keywords, so you will want to start out with the most important ones.

Here are some good ideas on how to find the right keywords.

1) Put yourself in your visitor's shoes.

Think about words and phrases that your target group of users would use in a search. Keep in mind that the regular visitor will not necessarily use the same jargon you do. Try asking someone who does not work in your field which keywords they would use to search for your products or services in search engines.

2) Make use of available statistics.

You will find statistics for internal searches on your website in our web tool 'Analytics' under Internal Search. This list is very informative because the statistics give you the facts and not assumptions about what keywords your visitors are searching for. But remember that your internal search is limited to your website, which means it is often enough with a stand-alone keyword. In Google, a stand-alone keyword will often be too generic, causing searchers to make their search more specific using a keyword phrase of 2-4 words to get a relevant result.

3) Find popular keywords with 'Google Suggest'.

When you start entering a keyword in Google, their autocomplete feature offers suggestions for popular keywords; try to play with this feature and see what keywords are typically used.



Make a long list of all the keywords and phrases you can think of. Be creative and think about synonyms as well as descriptive terms.

When you can't think of anything else, you need to start editing and prioritizing until you have a manageable list.

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