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How do I add new pages to Siteimprove that have not been checked? (Single Page Check)

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When new pages are being published, you may want to check them immediately for errors. The Single Page Check feature allows you to enter individual URLs to be checked immediately, giving you results for the page in Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and SEO within minutes. The following article explains how to perform a Single Page Check.  

  1. Select Quality Assurance from the main menu


  2. You will now be shown your Quality Assurance Dashboard. Scroll down the page to find the Single Page Check option, just below the PDFs with Broken Links section. 

  3. Enter the URL of the page you want to check for errors. The page that you add to the Single Page Check has to match the domain on the site you are adding it to. 

  4. Finish by click on Check Page


After the page has been checked, you will be able to find details about the page in the Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and SEO services. Clicking on the page title takes you to the Page Report, where potential errors will be identified. 

Note: If exclusions/external aliases affect the page you try to add, then it will not be possible to check the page. 

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