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How do I know that the Analytics JavaScript is on all of my pages?

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To make sure that Siteimprove's Analytics JavaScript is on all of your pages to collect data, follow these steps:

1. Select Quality Assurance from the main menu.

2. From the navigation, select Inventory.

3. From the Inventory drop-down menu, select JavaScript Files.

4. You now see all the scripts based on your site. Use the search function and type "siteanalyze".

Note: If you are using tag management (TM) software on your site you should search instead for that TM script. Quality Assurance cannot recognize the "siteanalyze" script if you use TM and therefore you should search for your TM script to view results.

5. You are now presented with Siteimprove's Analytics script. Click the metrics under the column Pages without JavaScript to view pages that do not have the script.


A screenshot showing the steps taken to view pages that do not have the Siteimprove Analytics script on them.

Note: Only pages that are included within the crawl will be shown here. Excluded pages (pages exempted from your crawl) will not be shown.

Note: Login/logout pages do not need an Analytics script. If those types of pages are showing as Pages without JavaScript, you can assume the script is on all pages.

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