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Why are the numbers in my emailed report different from the numbers in the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform?

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This article will help you understand why numbers in your emailed reports from Siteimprove may be different from the numbers you see in your Siteimprove Intelligence Platform. 

When a report is sent out to you via email after each website scan, it displays broken links, misspellings and any other custom information you requested. The emailed report shows a snapshot of data, and may be different from your live results. 

After a report was sent, a user in your account may have performed a Single Page Check, meaning some broken links and misspellings may have been flagged and or fixed. Single Page Check allows you to check new pages for errors without having to scan the whole site.

Your emailed results may also be different from your live results if we checked the link again since we first reported the broken link. If we detect a broken link on your website, we will check the link from another location to be sure we do not have issues with checks from that specific location.

Siteimprove will check the link every hour for the next 4 checks. When the link has been broken 5 times in a row, we will check the broken link every 2 hours. When the link has been down 7 times in a row, we will check every 4 hours. After that, we will check the broken link every 18 hours. 

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