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What is a group?

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By Sean Needham

Groups are used to display information for specific sections of the website. A Group in Siteimprove refers to a selection of pages with a common element in the URL or page title. Groups are especially useful if multiple editors are responsible for different areas of the website. 

For example, you can group the following pages together using a URL match, /news/:


Note: If you create a group on a site which is configured for both the Content suite (QA, Accessibility, etc.) and Analytics, then the group will be created and available to use within both services by default.

To create a group

  1. Go to Settings > Groups in the top menu of the platform
  2. Select the site from the site selector
  3. Click on "Create Group"
  4. Give the group a name
  5. Select the service that the group should be available (default is Content and Analytics)
  6. Add your group match and Save changes.  

Useful interactive tutorials relating to groups

In order to use the tutorials marked with an asterisk (*), you need to be an Administrator or equivalent.

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