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Why do my groups not contain any pages?

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

You have created groups in Siteimprove but you see that your groups are not pulling in any pages based on the common element in the URL, breadcrumb or page title. Why is this happening?

Here are common reasons for why groups may not contain any pages:

  • A redesign or restructuring of the website may mean that groups are empty because the URL structure has changed.

  • Pages have been excluded from the crawl.

  • The common element in the URL, breadcrumb or page title has been spelled incorrectly when setting up the group.

  • The common element in the URL, breadcrumb or page title cannot be found or does not exist. 

a group is not pulling in any pages

A screenshot showing empty groups

To fix this problem, edit the match by clicking on the pencil icon next to the group you want to edit. Add the correct match.

If the group still as no pages, check the site settings to make sure that the pages have not been excluded from the site crawl. See Understanding Exclusions and Aliases.

Note: When replacing a group match, remember to delete old matches to avoid inconsistencies. 

Edit group settings

Note: When editing matches in Quality Assurance the changes will cover the same groups in the SEO, Policy and Accessibility tools but not Analytics. You have to edit the match for the same groups in Analytics separately.

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