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What is the difference between a confirmed and a potential misspelling?

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

In the Spelling section of the Quality Assurance module, you may have noticed the Misspellings and Potential Misspellings sections. This article covers the differences between these two categories and how to address your misspellings. 

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A screenshot of the two subcategories in the Spelling sub-menu.

Confirmed misspellings: Words that have been run through Siteimprove's dictionaries and are confirmed as misspellings. Additionally, these may be words that you or someone on your team has previously confirmed as a misspelling. Once you confirm a misspelling, your dictionary will identify this word as a misspelling.

Potential misspellings:
 Words that Siteimprove's dictionaries do not recognize are deemed as “potential” misspellings. Terms such as product names, company-specific jargon or language, and technical jargon may show up in the potential misspellings category. It’s good practice to go through the potential misspellings list and add words to your company-specific dictionary. Doing so can reduce the number of potential misspellings and optimize your spellchecking. You can do this by clicking the Dictionary button when reviewing your list of potential misspellings. 

Potential misspellings list

Use the dictionary icon to add words to your dictionary and remove them from your potential misspellings list. 


Add Words: To add multiple words to your dictionary at once, you may want use the Add Words option in the Decisions feature in the Spelling section. It may be helpful to export a list of your potential misspellings and delete any known misspellings to get an accurate list of words to add to your dictionary. 



Click Add Words to add new words to your dictionary in Siteimprove.

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