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Policy Library

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

The Policy Library contains a number of pre-configured Policies based on web governance best practices. This article is intended to help you apply pre-configured Policies to your site/s.

  1. Select the Policy module from the main menu

  2. Select Policy Library

  3. A list of pre-configured policies will now be displayed in the platform. Click the the Add Policy button on the policy you want to add to your website.

    Menu, Policy, Policy Library

  4. Choose the site(s) on which you want this policy to be active. The Policy can be set on a specific site, or all sites on your Siteimprove account.

  5. Set the priority level for the policy. 

  6. Choose if you want to make the specific policy visible in other modules

  7. Confirm your changes by clicking on the green Confirm button.

Confirm button

You can now view your policy in the platform.

Menu, Policy

Note: If you use Policy Library to create a Policy that already exists in your account, both Policies will show up in the Policies section of the platform. You will have to delete one of the Policies to prevent redundancy.  

If you cannot find the Policy you need from the Policy Library, then you can create your own, or browse frequently used Polices in Siteimprove.

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