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How do I assign an accessibility issue to another role (Editor, Developer, Webmaster)?

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Note: This article refers to our old accessibility product. Information on our current next-generation Accessibility product can be found in the article "Learn more about Accessibility NextGen".

Siteimprove Accessibility delegates issues to Editors, Developers or Webmasters depending on the issue criteria. But what if the person with their assigned role cannot handle a specific accessibility issue? 

This article is intended to help you reassign accessibility issues to another role.

1. Select Accessibility from the main menu.

2. From the module navigation, click on Issues.

3. Filter the role you want to change from in the Responsibility drop-down menu.

Menu, Accessibility, Issues, Responsibility

 A screenshot showing the steps taken in the platform to reassign an issue.

4. Find the issue that needs to be reassigned to another role. Click on the reassign button next to the gearwheel button to reassign a role.

5. Select the role to which you want to reassign the issue and responsibility.

Select the role

When you have reassigned the issue and responsibility, you will get a confirmation at the top of your page marked in green. 

confirmation of reassignment

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