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How do I ignore a spelling decision in QA? When should I ignore a spelling decision on all pages? How can I reverse a spelling decision?

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By Guðrún Unnur Gústafsdóttir

This article will help you address spelling decisions/issues in Quality Assurance, specifically how to ignore issues, when to ignore issues on all pages across your website, and how to reverse spelling decisions you have made.

How to ignore an issue in QA

Ignore issues on individual page basis:
It may be useful to ignore the word on specific pages but make corrections on other pages. To ignore an issue on a specific page take the following steps in Quality Assurance:

  1. Find the misspelled word you want to ignore from the list of misspellings

  2. Hover over the word, then a + button will appear in the Pages column

  3. Click on the + button to view all the pages that contain the specific misspelling
  4. Hover over the individual page URL and click on the ignore_symbol.png symbol to ignore the issue on the specific page



You can now view your ignored single pages in the Decisions sub-menu of the Spelling section in QA by filtering ignored decisions based on single pages. 



Ignore issues on all pages across your website:

From the list of misspellings, find the word you wish to ignore on all pages across your website. Click on the ignore_on_all_pages_-_symbol.png symbol next to the word to ignore it on all pages.


When should I ignore an issue on all pages?

When a word is ignored on all pages it will not be seen as a misspelling in future checks or added to the dictionary. This action is commonly taken for words that should be addressed at a later date (old fashioned words or irregular capitalization of abbreviations for example), but are not a priority to correct on the site. The word will be removed from this list and will not be highlighted as an error in future crawls.

How to reverse a spelling decision

To reverse a spelling decision, take the following steps:

  1. From the QA module, select Spelling from the side-bar menu

  2. From the sub-menu, select Decisions

  3. Filter for the specific issues you want to address
  4. When you have found the word that you want to reverse a decision upon, click on the reverse.png button 


When you reverse a decision it will appear again in the list of Misspellings or Potential Misspellings section once a re-crawl of your site has taken place. You can always find the word that you reversed a decision upon in the Word List section of the Spelling side-bar menu.

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