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NEW: Traffic Sources filter, QA Score in My Sites and Groups, Updated Policy titles - Jan.25, 2018

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Welcome to the first release of 2018. Here at Siteimprove, we're making sure the new year gets off to a good start with:

  • New Traffic Sources filter: New Analytics filter lets you divide visitor segments by the type of traffic source via which they arrived on your site.
  • Inclusion of DCI® Score in My Sites and Groups in Quality Assurance: A quick way to compare the DCI® performance of sites and groups of sites on your account.
  • Updated Policy titles in the Policy Library: We've updated the titles of the policies in the Policy Library for clarity and consistency.



Analytics: Traffic Sources Filter


The latest addition to our collection of Analytics filters is useful for gathering data on visitors coming in from specific traffic sources. Want to see whether your latest social media campaign has been effective in getting visitors onto your campaign site? Or in which countries your site is getting the most search engine traffic? Create a traffic source filter and find out.

Quality Assurance: Inclusion of DCI Score in My Sites and Groups

 To make it even easier for you to see how well your sites are performing on the Digital Certainty Index™, now in Quality Assurance you can see the individual QA Scores for each of your sites under My Sites. Use it as a quick metric for deciding which sites to prioritize when working in QA (or you know, if different sites on your account are administered by other colleagues, to start a friendly competition).


If you use Groups, you can even compare scores to see how well different groups of pages are performing in QA.




Updated Policy Titles in Policy Library

As the Policy Library expands, we want to ensure that it's easy to quickly locate the policy that does what you need. That's why we've updated the titles of the policies so that they reflect the specific criteria that each one looks for (only the titles have changed; they still work exactly the same way).

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