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What is the difference between "clicks on broken links" and "clicks on links"?

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By Sean Needham

In Quality Assurance (QA), we show the number of “clicks on broken links” within the Broken Links table.
See QA -> Links -> Broken Links -> Clicks on broken links

We also show the number of “clicks on links” in the QA Inventory.
See QA -> Inventory -> Links -> Clicks on links.

These figures will often be different for the same link.

Clicks on broken links
In the broken links table "clicks on broken links” shows how many times the link has been clicked since the last time it was discovered to be broken.
It will reset any time the link changes status, i.e. if the link responds 200 OK and then broken again, the click number will be reset.

Clicks on links
The "Clicks on links" column in the Inventory table keeps track of the number of clicks on a link over a 30-day period - regardless of whether a link's status code has changed in the meantime.

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