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What actions require assistance from Siteimprove Technical Support?

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By Sean Needham

We strive to make the platform as self-serve as possible, however, there are some actions that cannot be completed by Account Owners/Administrators and require the help of Siteimprove Technical Support.

Here is a list of actions that cannot be completed by an Administrator/Account Owner and require the assistance of Technical Support:

  • Adding a site that requires authentication (e.g. a development site behind a login)
  • Editing an existing site URL
  • Removing aliases/exclusions that were added by a Siteimprove User
  • Configuring a site for Analytics when already configured for the Content suite
  • Changing the crawl frequency for a site
  • Enabling Internal search within Analytics
  • Deleting a site from the Content suite but not from the Analytics suite
  • Changing between UK, US, and Canadian English as default dictionaries
  • Adding an extra index root domain to a site

If you need help with any actions listed above, feel free to contact Siteimprove Technical Support with your request.

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